Thursday, December 20, 2007

Picture of the Week: December 20, 2007

Yes, we do indeed take requests:

Photo by Eric Dobbs.

The inestimable Jacquie O'Connor as Mistress Quickly in last summer's Henry IV, Part 1. If I may say so, this was among the best productions Richmond Shakespeare has ever produced, if not the best ever. (Shrew was pretty awesome, as was the 2005 five actor Midsummer.) It was also an unusually photogenic production, so expect to see more pictures of it.

We're fortunate to have Henry director James Alexander Bond returning in a couple weeks to direct Measure for Measure, our 2008 Acts of Faith show. This will be my second time working with James after Fall 2006's Julius Caesar, and he is one of my favorite directors in the world to work with.


Jacquie O. said...

Thank you Andrew! So funny to see how "quickly" I could go from the Matrix chick with the overflowing cleavage to this pretty little thing!

Was there a photo taken of the first entrance with all the smoke? So many people told me that was visually awesome to look at. I hope Eric captured it.

Now everyone has to come back for Henry IV - II!

Andrew Hamm said...

Yes, there are some awesome pictures of that entrance. I'm sure you'll see them soon.