Thursday, December 13, 2007

Drew Vidal's Contemporary Violence Workshop

Tuesday night's Contemporary Stage Violence workshop with the amazing Drew Vidal was a 150-minute triumph of hugging, grasping, pushing, pulling, crawling, leaping, smashing, sweating, shirt-stealing action. Rather than try to describe such physical goings-on, I thought I'd just post some pictures to show you what you missed!

After an evening of instruction and exploration, the participants split into pairs to create and choreograph their own pieces of stage violence, little plays all by themselves. I filmed the results:

Thanks so much to Drew for teaching, and to Andy, Daniel, Jacquie, Karen, Lelia, and Ronnie for their enthusiastic participation.

Next up on January 15 is another night of physical acting with David Hall, all the way from England. Check this space for details soon!


Jacquie O. said...

Oh thank God you really can't hear how much cursing I am doing in our little scene! Such a fun year swords...PLEASE???

Katie F said...

He came and fight choreographed our version of "Macbeth" at MHS! He was AMAZING! And it looks like he was amazing here too! He taught me how to get my throat slit!