Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Sound and Rhythm" Recap

Tuesday's workshop with David Hall was a huge success! Eight members of the cast of Henrico High School's A Midsummer Night's Dream and four members of the cast of Henley Street Theatre's Spanish Tragedy, as well as a mix of Richmond's theatre talent combined to create quite a full house: twenty-three participants made it the biggest event in the history of the training department, and we've got bigger and better things to come.

This was pretty much exactly what I dreamed of when we founded the training department: a mix of professional, community, and youth theatre artists all working together to improve their craft. I'm just sorry I had to leave so early for Measure for Measure rehearsal downstairs.

David's expertise as an actor and teacher made for an enlightening, exciting night. My favorite part (admittedly I didn't catch the end) was when he delivered one of Cassius' monologues from Julius Caesar while a student called out random numbers signifying states of tension. It really was a pure clinic in Shakespearean acting.

David warms up the crowd.

David amidst the wreckage of fallen actors.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but it must be actorly.

And here's a little video:

Thanks to David for teaching, and for Becki and Cynde for helping. Big thanks to Thomas, Kim, Frank, Jonathan, Karen, Justin, Kerry, Ken, Kelly, Susan, Becky, Mike, Jennifer, Brandon, Connor, Adam, Bridget, Robbie, Audra, Alex, and Emily for coming out to play.

Next up: the fabulous Jill Bari Steinberg teaches "Playing Multiple Characters" February 12!

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