Thursday, February 17, 2011

R&J Acts of Faith Discussion - THIS SAT (2/19/11)

Rev. Donna Holder
For Richmond Shakes' AOF discussion this year, following Saturday evening's show (2/19), we're prvilieged to host Donna Holder, Pastor of Westover Hills UMC, and Dr. Craig Kinsley, professor of Psychology (neurobiology and neurochemistry, among other things!) at UR.  Pastor Holder will focus on the interaction the young lovers have with the church, God, sin and the afterlife----as well as the recent theory likening Juliet to Jesus and Romeo to the Roman Catholic Church. 

Dr. Kinsley will tell us about the areas of the brain that light up when we're thinking about religion or God.  Both fascinate me greatly.

Dr. Criag Kinsley
Finally, I'll likely chime in on Shakespeare's references to fate, fortune and the stars---they're "star-crossed lovers," after all.  And, you'll have a chance to meet and interact with members of the acting company. I hope you'll join us for the production and for this discussion, which is sure to be a lively one.

-Grant Mudge

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Anonymous said...

Love of God, like the love for one's spouse or child, has at its base, a neurochemical modulator, a set of complex firing cells that induce in us those wonderful, subjective feelings we all identify as otherworldly. But they are, nonetheless, produced by an ancient, astronomically dense, and amazing object: the brain. Did God create the brain, or did the brain create God? Come Saturday night and think about it some more.

Craig H. Kinsley