Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Play is Preffered: Best Ensemble

Last night, Richmond Shakespeare was proud to sit with the theatre community of greater Richmond and celebrate the achievements of our colleagues. We were also honored with three nominations, including Rebecca Cairns and Annie Hoskins--nominated again for Best Costume an award they won last year.

This year we had two award-winners: a special recognition for Vanessa Passini's terrific fight work in Henry V [The History Cycle], and the company of actors from A Midsummer Night's Dream, who won as a cast for Best Ensemble. Those actors are Sandra Clayton, Brandon Crowder, Kerry McGee, Stacie Rearden Hall and Adam Mincks.

This recognition in particular was satisfying for me, as we set out many years ago to craft a company in which the collective efforts of actors, designers, directors, musicians and volunteers all work together; perhaps more so than any other, the theatre is a collaborative art form.

I first saw the five-actor format (yes 5) of performing William Shakespeare in the early 1990's at the University of Richmond: a program called Actors from the London Stage. Five gifted players create all the roles in a given Shakespeare. My first experience was with As You Like It, which was honored last year in several categories. It's a thrilling challenge, to craft more than one role, often alternating between them onstage—few challenges in the acting world can match it (solo shows of 'full commitment' come to mind), and I'm very grateful these lovely actors were so recognized.

They, and the supporting team behind them were indeed the best ensemble: Andrew Ham, Bryan Laubenthal, Jake Allard, Holly Harris, Holly Lucas, Richard Moxley, David White and J. David White, Rebecca Cairns, Annie Hoskins, Flora Vassar. Congratulations to each and all.

Not a word of me. All that I will tell you is that the duke hath dined. Get your apparel together, good strings to your beards, new ribbons to your pumps. Meet presently at the palace. Every man look o'er his part. For the short and the long is, our play is preferred.


Grant Mudge said...

Upon checking the tally on David Timberline's blog, it looks like 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' won not less than ten (10) awards last night, by far the most accolades of any show in town last year.

Just wanted to add my congratulations to B'Dale/ TheatreIV and the entire "Millie" company. What an amazing achievement--what a great night.


Stacie Rearden Hall said...

Don't forget Raymond Bullock, who did the Theseus/Hippolyta fight choreography for the summer run.

It was such an honor to receive the Artsie this year. I can't think of any award that could make me prouder than being recognized for ensemble work.

Andrew Hamm said...

Jeez, Stacie. How much is Ray paying you to be his press agent?

The picture at the top of this article is reminding me of the ironic fact that this cast was bloody TERRIBLE at ball for the most part. So much for THAT theory...