Sunday, January 4, 2009

Photo of the live billboard!

Here's how the second of the four (4) billboard images looks from the road. Do send comments, gentle readers.

Did you see it during the day? Night? What do you think of the new bardhead? Send along some comments, folks, we'd love to hear them.

PS - Keep an eye on this blog for cast announcements in the next week on Amadeus, by Peter Shaffer----opening at 2nd Pres on FEB 12!


Anonymous said...

were there auditions for Amadeus? I so, my fault, I missed the notice.

the most recent notice on your web site is for auditions in March 2008 for the summer season and the first show of your indoor season.

Local actor, RSF veteran

Jimmie Lee Jarvis said...

Hmm, I think Bill looks uncannily like Dean Lennox Kelly...

Andrew Hamm said...

The auditions in March were for the summer and the downtown season. Amadeus was not listed because we had not yet officially secured the rights, but we are continuing to cast actors based on the strength of those auditions.