Tuesday, April 1, 2008

As You Like It - Trailer Short

Photos by Eric Dobbs


Anonymous said...

Cool trailer! But it's too short--how about something longer?

Anonymous said...

The "trailer" is a great idea--could be a good advertising come on. I LOVED the show Sunday, but I'm afraid the trailer as it stands doesn't do too much for me. I suggest leaving the photos up for longer and maybe add some text from the play to go with them. Audio from the speaking parts would be super. And, of course, video would really give a taste of what a wonderful show you are putting on. It is excellent Shakespeare, and I think there is a huge audience out there who would love it. But they have no idea of what they are missing.

David Hall said...

Great trailer, Grant!

And ow amazing that I logged onto the blog just after you'd put it up..!! I hope all is going really well - it looks great fun and very charming too...

I think the trailer really captures the atmosphere - great photos and music which seems to match too. Which album is it from? - Such fun...

I love the animation too.

Hope this finds you very well and wish you and all your company the very best for the production.

All very best greetings to all who might know me too...!

With all v best wishes,

David XXX

Mr. Grant Mudge said...

Thanks, all, and thank you David! for your comments--we've had fun exploring this new tool (new for us anyway) called ANIMOTO.

We're looking at crafting a longer one featuring some of Andrew Hamm's fantastic original music and indeed, some of Shakespeare's great text.

Look for more trailers yet to come.

-Grant Mudge