Thursday, March 20, 2008

Images from "As You Like It"

Here are a few of Eric Dobbs' beautiful promotional images for As You Like It, opening Friday, March 28th. As usual, the costumes by Rebecca Cairns and Annie Hoskins are just gorgeous! The cast isn't bad-looking either.

Celia (Julia Rigby) coaxes a smile out of Rosalind (Sunny LaRose).

Jaques (Frank Creasy) muses that "All the world's a stage" with the help of Amiens.

Orlando (Patrick Bromley) listens as "Ganymede" slanders the name of Rosalind.

Touchstone (Adam Mincks) freaks out Daffy Duck-style. The lovely Audrey and the simple William look on, fairly oblivious.

"It is not the fashion to see the lady the epilogue..."


SweetBrier Scraps said...

Oh, Sunny! She looks just the same as I remember her back in school. Beautiful . . .

Lara Brier St. Peter

Anonymous said...

ya, she realy is pretty. jeez, there is a 85% chance i have a crush on her :)

Andrew Hamm said...

185% chance.