Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Richmond Shakespeare's March Workshop

"Professional Development"
with David Sennett
Tuesday, March 11, 2008, 7:00-9:30
Second Presbyterian Church (5 N. 5th Street)

What does an actor need to survive and thrive in the working theatre world? Headshots and resumes, of course, but also numerous monologues, special auditioning and rehearsal skills, marketing plans, and financial strategies are just some of the requirements. How does an actor go about obtaining what he/she needs? And what about unions, agents, managers? Learn some basics about making a living doing the work you love. Actors should bring headshots and resumes for feedback.

Instructor David Sennett is an Equity and SAG actor, teacher, director, and producer who has appeared nationally on stage and screen. He currently teaches Theatre at the Center for the Arts at Henrico High School.

15 students maximum. High school juniors and older. Cost: $20. Spaces are limited. Call 232-4000 to make your reservation today!


Thespis' Little Helper said...

I'm very sad that I'll have to miss this one. This series of training programs is invaluable. And I have such a huge respect for David Sennett.

Might he be directing anything at Richmond Shakes anytime soon?

Andrew Hamm said...

David has become a great friend in the past couple years, and he is really dedicated to helping Richmond Shakespeare blow up huge (my words, not his). He and I are talking about some staged readings in the future. Stay tuned!

Stephen Ryan said...

This class was extraordinarily helpful. Sure made me want to get my act together!

Many thanks to David, Andrew, and the Richmond Shakes crew for making such learning opportunities possible.

I certainly look forward to more.